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Hotel concept


[in collaboration]

Actual Capital

There is this developer that we have as a client that we love. Ok, we love all our clients. This one calls us when they need not only archviz images but also some concept design. As architects, we love to grab our pencil and start drawing sketches. This was one of this cases. We got to design also the building that we will make the images of.
The reason to be for the project was to search for investors who opted for the hotel in Barcelona. The images had to be strong, with character and majestic.
We focused in explain the project with two images.
The main imatge would be a frontal night/dusk imatge. The interior warm light will be the main one, focusing the attention on the cozynes and the quality of the interior warmth and design towards a colder and rainier exterior environtment.
In second imatge will focus on the shape of the Building and its surroundings. Also we choose a daylight to show how the materials will behave in that time of the day.

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 2020
  • Actual Capital + GRAPH