Social Housing


SBS Enginyers contacted Graph to realize one image for an apartments building in Sant Boi, Barcelona.

The proposal has a set of balconies in the main façade, creating an organized rhythm. This set of outgoing parts and incoming parts is the strong bet to highlight in our render. Of simple and neutral materials, the housing building should be set in a special environment.In the studio, we love to grab the sketch notebook and start to design and draw how to approach the image. In this case the building was clear; we had no idea about the surroundings.We know the location and we know it is surrounded by a new park. Although we had no clue how the park was going to be. We took this enigma in our favor to create an environment that will help us to enhance the proposal of the architects and to create a nice render.

After several park designs we came up with the idea of creating a lake in front of the building, so that it would be reflected on the water and gain more presence in the final visual. In this way we obtained an image dominated by blue, which contrasts with the white of the facade. A brushstroke of summer vegetation breaks the color palette and highlights the building.

Location: Sant Boi, Spain
Year: 2019
Design: SBS Enginyers
Developer: Impsol
ArchViz: Graph