Graph ArchViz Studio Barcelona

Co-working area in a refurbished building


Yes, we know! For now the client is confidential, so let’s respect their privacy… Although they let us show you the work we’ve done!

The idea is to show with this renderings the concepts that the architects were developing to their client. We made different cgimages of the main spaces. The patio, the interior design and the rooftop.

The first image (computer generated image to be specific) is to explain the interior design image to show the high quality of the space. We’ll say it is the case where you do not need fancy or expensive materials to make a space confortable. With the lights, glass divisions and wood we belive that the space is very cool!

The other image is from the roof. Where there will be the bar with a space for small talks and expositions. The idea of the coworking is the different synergies that can happen, so it is very important to have a common space to share with other people. The design that reminds you of a greenhouse also makes you grow some new ideas.

This is a refurbishment of an existing building. The main concept of the project is to make the already existing patio livable. I think they made a great job, don’t you think? This last image, that we can say it is the main image of the project, shows the new facade of the building, all glass with some screens to protect the direct sunlight.

This patio or terrace is a space to share, to relax or even to be inspired by the architecture itself and make a paint of it. It was a very interesting project to work with. We had a lots of talks with our clients on how it was the bestion option, spaces and lights to play with to show their own client the potential of the architecture they where desiging. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

Location: Confidential
Year: 2020
Design: Confidential
ArchViz: Graph