D2 Talks


Hot News!
We were super honored to be part of the D2conferences Talks series. We had the chance to speak with Fabio Palvell, a man that needs no introduction in the world of ArchViz.
It was the first week of the lockdown due the Co-vid in Spain, so the theme was a little bit about that. But also we talk about ArchViz, Business, Personal stories and of course you can see our cat Cloe on the video!
We had a lot of fun, a very interesting conversation with Fabio. You can check the video, as our family and friend said «maybe you won’t learn a damn thing but you’ll spend a good time and laugh». Also that we look pretty, but maybe this was too personal…
So, if you want to see our faces, our cat butthole and spend a nice time laughing about what the future will look like please check the video!