Bordas Peiro Malakoff Market Graph ArchViz Studio Barcelona

Malakoff Market Competition


Winning project!

We were supper excited when the architects called to tell us the news! This was an awesome project to be involved in. We have been working with Bordas+Peiro for several competitions now, and we always have the feeling that we will win all of them… But when this actually happens the excitement is real!

The project is an upgrade of an existing market in Malakoff, near Paris. The market is in front of a big square, so the relationship between the main entrance and this square had to be unique.

The main render was at night so we could show the light design the architects proposed.

1st Prize, Malakoff Market

Location: Malakoff, France
Year: 2019
Design: Bordas Peiro
ArchViz: Graph